Monday, August 9, 2010

We have the kids!

Hi Everyone,

I could write for a very long while, but don't have the time so it will have to wait. I cannot wait to share it all with you. It has been an AMAZING day! If you truly want to know God and feel HIS presence....adopt! I have NEVER experienced anything close to what we did today. We flew in from Dubai this morning, then had a break at the hotel for a little while. After that we drove to a town that took us about two hours to get to with all the traffic (both cars and goats and horses :-) so we could meet the birthmom. We then drove back into town after dark and went to pick up the kids. They are SO precious! My heart is full of joy and aches at the same time. It aches for their precious mother who made such an unselfish sacrifice and it aches for all the kids we left behind at the orphanage tonight. I can't wait to tell you everything. We didn't have much time with them, but they are excited, happy and HUNRGY! Jordan immediately started looking for food and helping himself to whatever he could find.

Will write more later.........


  1. Over here from Gwen - SO Excited for you and praying God's blessings for an easy, sleepy flight back and transition into your new life!!

    Praise God!!

  2. So exciting!! Soak it all up..every minute of it! Praying for God to continue to knit your hearts together!

  3. yayyyyyyyy, so excited...give us more details..can't wait to hear, kristi

  4. So excited to read your update. Can't wait until you are home! Many prayers are being offered up for your family. Love you all!

  5. I hear you, girl! It truly is an amazing experience and God's hand is so in it all! is all bittersweet. Praying the sweet becomes greater for your family. Can't wait to welcome you back-all of you!