Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We are unable to connect Brent's laptop to the internet here. Fortunately, our guest house has a laptop they let us use. Because of that we cannot send pics so you will have to wait to see them when we get back.

Yesterday was much less emotional. We did some shopping, bought some traditional clothes for the girls and some shoes for Sifan and Jordan (BTW....we asked her if she liked the name Rachel and she seemed to like it so I think that is what we will name her: Rachel Sifan and his nickname is "Yordi" so we have been calling him Jordan or Jordi). Jordan picked out some teenis shoes that light up and he is SO proud of them!

We were unbelievably tired yesterday afternoon so we just rested. It had rained and we had gotten wet and I was FREEZING so Sifan and I curled up in bed and she wrote things on paper and we looked at books and pictures. She knows quite a few english words and seems to also know letters and sounds as she has sounded out english words she has seen. Jordan, on the other hand, is in no hurry to learn english. He just smiles when we ask him to say something :-)

We all slept much better last night (didn't sleep at ALL the first night). I think we had too much to process from Monday. I would wake all night and just cry; I can't wait to tell you all about it when we get back.....I need to show you pics so you can fully appreciate the whole story.

We are planning to go back to El Olam today to take our donations and for the kids to say their goodbyes one more time. I know it will be VERY hard for all of us. I am going to try to take as many pics and get to know the kids who are still waiting as best I can to relay that info to anyone who has questions. There is one girl who ran out of the room when Sifan said her goodbye. Apparently they were very close. A few minutes later the director told me that she still has no family. I started to take her picture and then the director brought her 3 brothers over to also be in the picture. The sad part is that she is just as sweet and precious as the others, but she is less likely to find a home because there are 4 of them. I am hoping and praying that someone can open their home to these four children and as a bonus it would be awesome if they were in the Nashville area so our kids could continue to be friends :-)

The kids and Brent are outside playing and I need to go and join them. We are trying to soak in every minute, but are SO ready for our own beds, shower, ice and sweet tea!

In Christ,

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