Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ethiopia Part II

On day three (Wednesday) we had another emotional day. We went with 3 other families to pick up their children at the transition house. We rode along so that on the way there we could stop at El Olam one more time to take donations and let the kids say their goodbyes. They insisted on taking their backpacks along to show their friends all their new things. We were able to take 3 big duffel bags full of clothes, shoes, formula and diapers. We also had some matchbox cars, balloons and plenty of granola bars to pass out. It was so neat to watch our kids pass out all the goodies. They went through their backpacks and passed out any food items or other things that they could leave with their friends. It was truly heart warming as we watched them be so generous! We had brought Jordan a "monster truck" that you could "rev up" and then set free to go on its own. He loved it and brought it to show the kids. They giggled and laughed as they each took their turn making it go. In the end Jordan decided to leave it there for his friends to continue to play with...priceless moment :-)

After leaving El Olam, we went to the transition house to take the other families to pick up their kids. It was such a special moment to be able to share with these other families. We took pictures for them and celebrated as 5 more children went home with their forever families. Our van was packed as we traveled back to the guest houses.

On the way back we passed the Leprosy hosptial and decided to stop and shop as we had heard that the patients there made some great things to sell to raise money for their care. We were not disappointed! It was amazing to see what they had made by hand and to see how inexpensive it is in US money.

Above: A group picture of all the kids at El Olam.
Below: Rachel (Sifan) with her nanny and one of the babies that she loved so dearly.

Above: Rachel Sifan telling baby Benjamin goodbye. I got to hold him when we transported him from Debre Zet back to Addis.
Below: The kids laughing as we were playing with them and saying goodbye.

Above and below: pictures of the orphanage yard. The slide looks nicer in the picture :-)
Above: The bottom bunk was Jordan's bed. The beds were no longer than the width of a twin bed. I gues they learned to sleep curled up. There were also no pillows. There were blankets although not heavy and it got COLD at night. We had heavy blankets at our guest house and we were still cold! Rachel Sifan's bed is the top one on the left.
Above: Me and the kids waiting on a bench as the other families with us toured the transition home and talked with their kids nannies.
Below: A picture of the steps walking up to the leprosy hospital.
Below: This was a shed at the leprosy hospital where some women were working and I assumed lived; very primitive.

Stay tuned for Ethiopia part III. You will see the "Lion Zoo"...a zoo in a third world country is quite an experience!

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  1. Amazing! We were so sorry we didn't get to meet you Friday night. We got there late and didn't get to actually meet everyone, but I saw your kids running around and playing with everyone at one point. They are beautiful and look like they are doing so well! Praying your transition is going beautifully!