Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Fun

We are still waiting for our travel dates. We got news last week that the US Embassy in Ethiopia is short staffed for the month of July. Normally, every agency has assigned embassy days each month and can bring 10 children before the embassy each embassy day to be adopted and come home. For the month of July, they can only bring 5 per embassy day. Our agency has an embassy day every other Thursday. They thought 19 kids would be coming home in July, but now only 10 can come home. Since we are still waiting for our immigration document to come in the mail, we were 2 of the 9 that got moved to August. The dates for August are the 12th or the 26th. We are hoping the document comes and we can travel for the August 12th appointment.
Meanwhile...I am in my manic nesting period. It doesn't matter if you are pregnant or adopting you still nest :-) When our kids finally come home my family will appreciate the break from mom's constant "cleaning out closets" and such! I am trying to plan to be as organized as possible so I can focus on being a mommy to 5 in a very short while!

We have managed to still fit in lots of fun. Two weeks ago we had our African Adoption Fellowship meeting at Kristi's house. I only took a few pics, but you can check out Kristi's blog, Sallee's blog or the Fellowship 686 blog for some more. Here are my few...

Whitney on stage jammin!

Hayley with Mercy and Jenna being silly.

Hayley and some others filling up water balloons.

We were excited to have my parents in town visiting this last week. While they were here we decided to visit an Ethiopian restaurant. I had already been to one, but with some much more experienced ladies who knew what to order. Fortunately, I had one of their phone numbers programmed into my phone and was able to call for some advice on how to order :-) We had great fun and the food was fabulous! If you haven't tried Ethiopian food yet it is REALLY good and that is saying a lot from one is known to be very picky!

I have some more pics to share, but for some reason I am having trouble uploading them. Sooo...stay tuned for Summer Fun part II...


  1. What a beautiful family! Praying you get your immigration paperwork soon!! All we are waiting for is our immigration paperwork to be "extended" again...to go get our daughter from China and I am DYING, BUT TRUSTING in God's timing as I know He has our best interest at heart!!!

  2. Maybe we will be there at the same time. :)