Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yes, it is true. After things flying through at record speed early on and then all the waiting and roadblocks here lately we are officially leaving ONE week from today. Brent talked to the superviser with USCIS in charge of our case on Wednesday and she was emailing our document to the National Visa Center right then. We confirmed that they did have it on Thursday. Although we still don't have the hard copy we know it will be here any day now.

I booked our travel yesterday and paid off the rest of what we owed our agency...ouch is all I can say :-) Airfare to Addis Ababa is NOT cheap! We are flying the best airline in the world, according to the travel agent, so we should be very comfortable. And, we get a night in a really nice hotel in Dubai included in our airfare on the way over. That will give us a good nights sleep before we arrive into Ethiopia.

We are planning to meet our kids birth mom the day we fly in and then pick up our kids the next morning. So...that means that one week from Tuesday we will have them! I can hardly believe the day is finally here. It is so surreal! Two weeks from today we will be home and start life as a family of 7.
We appreciate all your prayers and support. Please pray that we will all have peace and that the transition will go smoothly. We will be missing the first couple of days of school and both mama and kids are having a hard time with that. Grandma and Great Aunt will be here to get kids to school on first day and I know that they will do a fabulous job!
Flight info: We will be arriving into Nashville next Saturday, Aug. 14th, at 5:11pm on Delta Flight #6399. We would love for everyone to meet us and celebrate! (BTW...that day (the 14th is also Brent's birthday...shhh, don't tell him I told you!)
Hope you all have a great weekend...

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