Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Fun II

It has taken me much longer than I had hoped to finish this post. We had VBS last week at church and it seemed that I had no time for anything extra. I was so tired every afternoon that I had to nap. Having 20 first graders, 14 of which were boys (mine and his best buddies included) got a little wild and crazy! I was excited to have a little boy that is newly adopted from Ethiopia in my class. He was absolutely precious! Ryan (my son) was excited to get to know him and thought he was the fastest runner he had ever seen :-). It was really an honor to get to have him in my class for the week! We had a great week and I hope that these kids took away some Bible truth and are closer to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

In the last "Summer Fun" post I left off with pics from our Ethiopian dinner experience. The following are the other pics that didn't make the last post....

Brent and Hayley "stuffed" after eating A LOT of food. Hayley LOVES Ethiopian food!!! Brent told me earlier that day that he better eat a big lunch because he didn't think he was going to like the food. To his surprise he LOVED it too and is ready to go to Ethiopia to get some more!

After we were finished eating the waitress invited our kids to come into the kitchen to see the ladies making injera, the sour, spongy, tortilla like bread that is a staple in any Ethiopian's diet.

We had a nice relaxing visit with my parents and managed to make it to the pool a couple of times while they were here. My dad grew up in Pensacola, FL literally with the bay in his backyard. He has always loved the water and had fun playing at the pool with the kids.
Hayley, "Pops" and Whitney

Whitney and Pops
The kids had fun having Pops and Uncle Mark throw them in the pool :-)

For the 4th, after a trip to the pool, we went over to our neighbors house for dinner. I got to meet another family who has been thinking about adopting. As it turns out since that night, they have already turned in their application and started the process to go to Ethiopia and bring home a little boy or maybe even siblings.

Whit and her good friend Brooklyn at Brooklyn's house.

Brent setting off some sort of firework. You light it and hold it while it shoots up in the air out of your hand. Kinda scary!

Ryan with his new buddy a few doors down. We are so thankful to have some new, wonderful, Christian neighbors!

Whitney found a place to chill and watch the firework action.

We went to Ravenwood High School and met up with friends and neighbors to watch the Crockett Park firework display

A firetruck showed up to watch the firework display. They let the kids climb on it and passed out fireman hats. Hayley, Whitney and a friend above on the truck.

Hopefully, we have many more fun pics to come in our last few weeks of summer :-( I can't believe summer is almost over. The only good thing about summer being almost over is that it brings us closer to going to get our kids. We are still waiting for our immigration paperwork. If we don't get it in the next few days our travel date will be pushed back another 2 weeks to the end of August. We are trusting God that it will all work in His perfect timing. Have a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Love all the pictures! Praying you guys get your immigration paperwork SOON!

  2. Love the pics! --and Isaiah LOVED being in your VBS class! Thanks so much for loving on him! He had a blast!!!

  3. Ohhhh that paperwork!!! Bet you are running to your mailbox everyday. Keep me posted.....are you going to the AGC picnic?