Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yard Sale and Other Things

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks because we are simply BUSY! Despite the fact that we will be completing an international adoption of two kids from Africa in only 4-5 months, we have life going on too. My oldest daughter turned 10 and had a "Wild and Wacky" party...

My son is on a travel baseball team which translates to mean that we LIVE at the ball park!

Fortunately, my youngest goes with the flow and is happy to be almost anywhere (even the ballpark when it is 100 degrees outside) if she has friends (old or young) to play with.

We went out for an airport homecoming last night for a new friend and her family coming home from Uganda. We followed up the celebration with a trip to an Ethiopian restaurant with some more new and old friends. I so wish I had pictures of this, but I forgot my camara. Just imagine...3 moms, 2 teenagers, and 11 children. Add in the fact that we waited over an hour for our food, after spending an hour finding the restaurant after spending another hour and a half driving to and being at the airport and you might get an idea of what the restaurant experience was like :-) Luckily we are all "laid back moms" and we had a great time despite all those facts!

Our biggest time consumer most recently is our Yard Sale Fundraiser this Saturday. We have had so many generous people donate items to sell, bake goodies and offer to help us work it. Bethel World Outreach Center in McKay's Mill in Franklin has graciously offered for us to use their facilities for the sale. We have been blown away at how this community supports and encourages one another. I LOVE living in Middle Tennessee!!!

If you are free, come out and visit us on Saturday (1753 Players Mill Rd; Franklin, TN 37067). Even if you are not in the market for yard sale finds, come and get a snack and a drink. We would love to see a familiar/friendly face :-)

We are still waiting for the immigration paperwork we need to travel. If it comes in the next week or so we will be going to Ethiopia for a July 15th embassy appointment and bringing back our kids. If not then hopefully we will be traveling for a July 29th appointment. I am trying to prepare "plan A" and "plan B" scenarios for childcare. I will keep you posted when I have any news...until then please keep praying :-)


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  1. I'm all caught up now on your blog. Cried pretty hard over the videos. Thanks :-) I'm so excited for your family and hope I get to meet the newest additions soon.

    (Whitney cracks me up. So precious.)

    Ann A (from New Mercies)