Friday, May 28, 2010

They know about us!

Many of you have asked me if the kids know about us yet. Well, now they do! We were driving home from our work vacation (we got to tag along with daddy to a conference at Disney-tough job, I know) and I got on the computer to join a weekly "chat" session with anyone from our agency who wants to join in and our director, Sue. Sue, had just gotten there 12 hours earlier and had taken bags of goodies we sent for each child. In the goody bag was a photo album of us and where we live. Sue said that the kids were excited and happy. She also said they couldn't believe that our playset was in our yard. They have never seen anything like that before. She sent us pictures of them opening the bags and some with their expressions as they looked at the photo albums with an interpretor. Priceless! We were very excited and wanted to pass this info along...

Our court date is this Friday, June 4. I know we are about 1 day behind so I am not sure when we will find out whether we passed or not. If we do then "J" and "S" will officially be ours and I can post there pics for all to see! Please pray that we pass court this Friday and that our paperwork from the US immigration department comes back quickly. Even if we pass court Friday, if our paperwork is not complete we cannot travel to go get them. I don't want them to sit there any longer than necessary. They have already been through enough!

Stay tuned as I will be downloading pics when we get home of our family's last week together. We had a blast and it was such a blessing to have been able to have this time with our 3 current children before our life is turned upside down for a while.


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  1. awesome...can't wait for that court date, praying hard, kristi