Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Moment We Have Anticipated...

As I finished writing my last post this morning, I thought to myself how seemingly normal and uneventful the Rutland house had been this week. We have had so much going on that it was almost boring that there was nothing.

I am sure that with the title many of you thought we had some major adoption news to share, but in reality it was something entirely different. For those of you who haven't known us long, you have missed the many "adventures" we have been on in our family. Let me just say that we are no strangers to the ER. We have one boy currently and he LOVES sports. He is easily entertained by throwing a ball, any ball, against our house for HOURS. Tonight he challenged himself to see if he could hit a baseball from our neighbors house across the street (from our front yard) and hit it over our fence (in our backyard). We live on a corner so he was trying to hit at a diagonal. Let me just say he didn't make his goal and got far more than he bargained for. He hit the ball right into our downstairs bath which his sister had occupied for the moment.

I was on the phone and heard shattering glass that sounded a lot like an entire china cabinet had been knocked over and the contents crashed and shattered on the floor. I hung up on the person I was talking to and raced to see what had happened. I was met by my oldest daughter screaming with her pants around her ankles. She had just stood up when the ball shattered the glass which went flying all over her. The ball hit the floor, bounced and landed, you guessed it, right in the toilet. A hole in one; or maybe that is two? Anyway, my son had already taken off running and was planning to hop our fence and play dumb to the whole thing. The rest of us were doubled over laughing at the scene before us.

So I guess in true Rutland fashion, our "normal" life had lasted a few days to long. As my husband said a while later, "You just can't write stuff this good!" It is true, my friends, our life is much more fun than any movie could ever be. Adding two more will just make it even more interesting :-) I hope you all got a good laugh from this one.
Ryan: our sweet, lovable and funny BOY :-)

To finish the story....sister is FINE. She had a good laugh too. We knew that this day was coming. We are thankful that it was a small window :-) I wonder how many more we will be replacing over the years...