Friday, January 14, 2011


This time around was SO much easier than the first! The first surgery was at a surgery center and this one was at Vanderbilt. I believe that location can make all the difference! The staff was great...didn't hurt either that I had friends who were advocating for me before I even arrived. I learned that the "nerve blocks" they did the first time around did not work which is why I was in pain so much the next day and why they had to put me under general anesthesia which was not fun coming out of. This time the nerve block worked and recovery was SO much better.

The doctor was able to pull out the broken bone graft which he described as working more like a joint on the side/top of my foot (I guess that explains the pain :-) and replace it with bone from my tibia. One blessing is that he was able to remove 2 of the 3 screws from the original surgery. My physical therapist called them deck screws. They started at the back of my heel and prevented me from being able to rest my foot on any hard surfaces like the coffee table. It was not a super big deal, just annoying and I am grateful it is a thing of the past.

My doctor feels that my recovery should go a little faster this time around. I will be on crutches for the 6 weeks and then in a boot for another 3. He said I would be back in a regular shoe in about 9 weeks.

I will be heading home this morning and my kids are ready. Hayley wants to care for me. Rachel has been super helpful to take care of things around the house with my mom. Ryan told Brent he needs to protect me and he can't do that while I am at the hospital:-) I am sure I will have Whitney and Jordan in the bed reading books and snuggling with me.

Thank you for all your prayers! I know I have had many prayer warriors praying us through the last several months and we are SO VERY THANKFUL for you! Blessings to you ALL!!!


  1. So happy prayers were answered in such a big way! I'll be in touch! Love you friend!!

  2. Becky, I'm so glad that everything went well!!! I'll be praying for a quick recovery :)