Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clearview's Orphan Day Slideshow

We have a team at Clearview starting a new ministry to support adoption, orphan care, & foster care. We planned our first "Orphan Sunday" and it was a HUGE success! Our pastor has a heart for this area of ministry and he preached about the church's role in this area. We took up an offering that day to start a Lifesong account for our church. This account would allow us to help fund adoptions through no interest loans and hopefully, in the future, grants. Our church body has responded with $53,800 to date!!!

One member of our team, Emily Jenkins, put together this slide show that we showed during the service. I thought you would enjoy it too :-)

By the way... Emily and I were on the phone for an hour a couple of days ago trying to think of a name for this ministry. We want something that will speak to all the areas of the ministry, not just adoption. If you have any ideas you are willing to share, please email me or comment to this post. Thanks!

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