Friday, September 17, 2010


We knew from the first day we had Jordan that he was a very curious child. If it had a button, he HAD to push it; if it had a switch he HAD to flip it--over and over again. If it had a knob, he HAD to turn get the picture. It was exhausting in the early weeks when EVERYTHING was so new to him. This obsession of his had begun to level off somewhat as things became more familiar to him. We were having to say "No, Jordan, don't touch/push/flip that again" much less in recent days. We had started to relax...UNTIL Wednesday night.

We were at our prayer meeting at church Wed. night and Brent heard sirens outside. I had walked in late and had seen some classes of children walking out of the other building, but didn't think too much of it. When we got in the car that night our older kids began to tell us that the fire alarm went off and they all had to evacuate the building. My older son said that some kindergartner had "flipped the fire alarm switch when he went to the bathroom." I was only half listening until I heard the last statement. Wait...what did you say son? A kindergartner??? I knew immediately it was OUR kindergartner! When we got home we asked and sure enough, it was written all over his face...guilty!

So for all of our fellow Clearview friends, yes, it was our child who pulled this switch:

and caused an evacuation of building C and a visit from the fire department :-) There is never a dull moment at the Rutland circus as I have appropriately nicknamed our family.

I hope you all have a great weekend...


  1. That is funny, Becky! We were touring a day care facility for Anna and she pushed the "panic" button in the front office. Thankfully, not hard enough to do anything, but of course it was the first thing she ran in there and did.

  2. Oh no - never a dull moment! I was in Jordan's S.S. class this past week and it was such a pleasure to meet him! He was so sweet :)