Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting Ready to Head to AFRICA!

There is sooo much that goes into an international adoption that many will never know about. We sure didn't and we have had it all happening so fast. Last Friday we went to get all our shots required to travel to Africa. Brent only got 4, I had to get 5 since I needed the tetanus booster. We opted for the oral Typhoid vaccine because it has a higher efficacy (protection) rate. For those of you who don't know, my husband worked in research for 10 years for a vaccine manufacturer. Because of this we now have an expert on any vaccine that can readily give us advice on them. The Typhoid expert said to get the we did. It was not easier though. You take it every other day for a week (4 doses) and it makes you feel icky. Add in all the other vaccines we had and it was NOT a fun day on Saturday :-( We took some pics of us getting them...

Brent went first. He is the strong one right? Well, after his "ouch's" and "ooh, that hurt" I was not reassured to go next.
Brent took several pics of me. I think he thought it was great fun! This close up says it all...It HURT! The needle going in wasn't so bad, but the medicine being injected HURT!

My girls were quick to the rescue. They held my hand and reassured me. The oldest told me to squeeze her hand.

Here's the whole crew...
We also had to go yesterday to get our fingerprints done for our immigration paperwork. Whitney was very concerned and asked if it was going to hurt me.
We are now almost ready to travel. Just pray our immigration paperwork returns quickly. We have an embassy appointment set for July 15th. This is the appointment we are required to attend to bring them home. If we don't get the paperwork back before then, we would be pushed back at least 2 weeks to the 29th. The appointments are every 2 weeks so we would just keep getting pushed back until we get the forms we need to travel. We have witnessed so many miracles and mountains moved that I know God can do this too. We are just waiting to see how it all unfolds. Living for HIM is definitely an adventure and one I don't want to miss :-)


  1. Ohhhhh I wish I hadn't seen this post. I am a huge wimp, and the shots will be the worst for me. ugh.

  2. Uncomfortable yes, but not as uncomfortable as giving birth. :) I am so excited for you and your family. July 15 is coming up fast! Hold on for a wild ride! Walking in faith is NEVER boring!