Saturday, July 30, 2011


As I stated in my last post, I had planned to bring my blog up to date while we were on vacation at the beginning of the summer.  As my March pictures were uploading I pushed my computer back so that I could reach across the table and help my brother do something on his computer.  What I didn't know was that there was a glass of water sitting in the middle of the table between our computers.  I knocked it over and it ran into the back of my MAC.  I didn't realize it had flowed into my computer for several minutes.  When I went to get back on it, it wouldn't do anything.  I then thought to shake it and see if there happened to be any water inside.  We all sat in disbelief as water drops began flying out of my computer.  No worries , I thought, my hubby bought the protection plan and I was smart of enough to have backed everything up before we left.

Ha! The so called "Protection Plan" that he bought from a big, popular retailer of electronics did not protect anything!  When we dropped the computer off they said not to worry that they would either fix or replace it.  However, their story changed once they got my computer.  We were told later that we should have bought a more expensive plan to cover "accidental" damage.  I am not sure why we would have bought a "protection plan" at all if it didn't cover accidents since Apple covered everything else for free.

I am happy to say that after almost 2 months of "negotiations" we reached a "deal" a couple of days ago and I am the happy owner of a brand new MAC book Pro!  Soooo...stay tuned for the promised updates to our blog.  I want to keep it all in chronological order; one because that is how I think and two because I want this to be a  journal we can look back on and read about our order.  Maybe I will have it all updated before school starts in 2 weeks????  Ahh, we shall see!

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  1. Yay!! So happy you have a new computer. Way to be tenacious!